Marc Baily
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Master Your Mind, Change Your Reality

The New Sales Mindset is not about the next big strategy or technique. It’s about an entirely new way of being, thinking and acting. If you’re ready to start rebuilding a growth mindset and earning what you deserve, get this book today. 

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and why I wrote it

This book is for those willing to look at themselves and evaluate what they see—and then tear down old, outdated disciplines and rebuild them ethically and authentically so that you can truly become successful in your career.

Success is a mindset.

It’s not just a few tips and tricks. It’s not just an attitude. It’s not just a way to make money.

Success is a mindset that requires us to think differently than most people.

We can upgrade our lives and the world around us through learning and sharing ideas. This book aims to do my part by sharing the knowledge and experience I’ve gained throughout my lifetime.

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Thank You For Your Help

To All Past, Present, And Future Supporters

Every day in my life, I meet people who inspire me. I look around and see the people who have helped shape my character, the people who have taught me lessons that I'll carry with me for the rest of my life.

My family, my mentors, my clients and my friends keep me on track and help me make good decisions. They give me advice when I need it; they stick up for me when I'm not there; they protect and care about me.

I wanted to take a moment to thank them all for being so great. Thank you to everyone who has helped me on my journey.